Black Diamond Embroidered Logo Adult Mens BJJ Gi



These direct-embroidered Black Diamond logo gis feature a sturdy 430-gsm pearl weave jacket and durable cotton twill drawstring pants. The jacket has a 4″ embroidered logo on the front and 9.5″ logo on the back, with school text embroidered over each shoulder. Pants have a 5.5″ logo on the front.

Black Diamond BJJ Embroidered Gi Front w Ripstop Pants
430-gsm Pearl Weave Jacket with Lightweight Ripstop Pants or Durable Cotton Twill Pants
Black Diamond BJJ Embroidered Gi Open Collar
Custom Dye Sublimated Logos on Inner Shoulder Liner of Gi Jacket
Black Diamond BJJ Embroidered Gi Back w Ripstop Pants
Direct-Embroidered Logos on Jacket and Pants
BJJ Gi Sizing Chart
BJJ Gi Sizing Chart (click for larger image)

A0, A1, A2, A2-L, A3, A4, A5, A6


Black, Blue, White


Lightweight Ripstop, Cotton Twill