Boxing Lessons at Black Diamond

Black Diamond BJJ is excited to announce that we now offer boxing lessons to our Reno members!

Our boxing instructor is Scott Minto. Scott has 11-years of experience in boxing and striking for MMA. Scott has been an assistant coach for boxing classes at the collegiate level, and has a diverse background in different styles and techniques. Scott has trained at four different boxing and MMA gyms across CA and NV; and now he is bringing his experience to teach boxing lessons at Black Diamond BJJ.

Black Diamond BJJ Reno Boxing Lessons

As of 7/12/22, the current class schedule is:

  • 7:15-8pm on Mondays
  • 5-5:45pm on Thursdays (This will move to 5:45-630pm eventually)

Please come prepared with wraps and gloves. We recommend 16oz gloves because that is what will be required for any sparring and a mouth guard is always a good idea with partner drills. Always check our training schedule for the latest boxing lesson times.

Black Diamond BJJ Reno Boxing Lessons Bag Work